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Our products and services provide your body with the ability to clean, tune and self-heal in the most natural ways to optimize health.
The Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid and Bracelet tunes frequencies in your body at the cellular level. It enhances the bodies ability to maintain your health, strength and stamina. Our customers get relief from  many issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, back, knee,  hip, feet and many more pains and symptoms. Discover a life with less pain, more strength, stamina and endurance.
The Bio-Profiler scans your hair and gathers data that is analyzed by our professional staff.  A report, based upon this analysis, is provided to our clients detailing your level of Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Microbiology, Vitamins, Minerals, EMF/ELF, Toxins and Food Sensitivity. The information in Your Wellness Report will be the foundation to your improved health and a better life.
There is an abundance of research that indicates a strong relationship between arterial stiffness and heart health as well as an increased risk of premature death from all causes. Until now, equipment costing thousands of dollars was required to accurately measure a person’s arterial stiffness. Now, at our location, you can receive this test for about $20.00. The sensor simply clips on your finger and results are provided in 30 seconds.
The body performs miracles when properly edified, nothing edifies the body like whole-food nutrition from marine phytoplankton. The BeautyStrips System has been specifically formulated to amplify your timeless beauty and restore your skin’s naturally youthful energy. PowerStrips are a Class 1 medical device uniquely designed to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
When it comes to your health, drinking clean healthy water is very important. Learn about the effects of drinking and showering in chlorinated water.  If the health of your family is important and you would like to provide them with the best chance for a healthy disease free life you need to know about the benefits of drinking clean, healthy water. It is a first line defense for great health.
Exposure to EMF and Radiation is dangerous to your health as it can cause adverse health conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, abnormal behaviour in children, autism, attention deficit disorder, concentration and memory problems, learning and behavioural disorders, etc.. Radiation from EMFs interferes with our body's natural processes including sleep, hormone production, our immune system and our ability to self-heal. The Environmental Smart Card restructures the harmful effects to harmless.
Diatomaceous Earth is amazing for your health. It cleans your digestive system and nourishes your body with an important item that we do not get enough of… Silica as well as trace organic minerals. You will get a boost in energy, feel better, lose weight and much more. There are so many benefits and uses that we could not list them all here, but you can learn more when you click for more information.
If you have problems with a lack of exercise, bad circulation, tired and sore muscles, poor digestion and much more, you need to know about the Chi Machine and all the benefits. 15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to about a 90 minute exercise for your organs. The Chi Machine is great for all ages and improves the health of all. More information on this and more great products when you click below.
Shop, Learn, Share and Earn on the ReferLife Bod-e-Tune Wellness website. We are constantly on the lookout for Better Health and Life Solutions that can benefit our customers and members in the most natural and effective way. Some of our products have changed so many lives and in some cases the change was so quick and dramatic that we have to share these products with the world. Where traditional health care has its place in our lives, we believe the best health care is taking care of our mind, body and spirit in order to keep ourselves in better health longer. Hopefully we will have much less need for traditional health care and the need to fight pains, issues and diseases with pharmacutical medications when possible.
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